Rating Rules - Lion Cup

12th Rudolf Lion Cup
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Rating Rules
Categories and technical program

Level A Pre-Juniors:
If in one age category (year of birth) there are less than 3 participants in the whole competition, they will be added to the next younger age (year of birth) category!

Gymnastics is under the sign of the international code of points scoring from 2017-2020.

The values of the difficulties are as follows: A= 0,10; B= 0,20; C= 0.30; D= 0,40; E= 0,50; F= 0,60;
G= 0,70; H= 0,80; I= 0,90; J= 1,00 or more.

Also you can have a look at the "code de pointage" from the "F I G" where the figures and points are listed

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